Affiliate Sign Up - MTHFR Gene Support

Affiliate Sign Up 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the MTHFR Support Affiliate Program! 

As a partner in wellness, you now have the ability to participate in our affiliate program. As an affiliate member, you will receive competitive commissions for sharing information on MTHFR Support supplements, eCourses, and the MTHFR Patient Resource Center membership.

Our Commissions are as follows:

On Products

$0.00 - $499.00: 12%

$500.00 -$999.00: 15%

$1000 - $1,999.00: 20%

$1,999.00 - $4000 25%

$4000 and above: 30%

On Courses, Book and Webinars

30% up to $1000

40% up to $2999

50% over $3000

Inside the Affiliate Center, you will find easy to use resources to promote MTHFR Support products and programs including: 

  • carefully crafted email and social media copy 
  • eye-catching banners
  • accurate commission tracking system
  • We hope you find this program beneficial to your business.


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