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Kate Cowley

As a member of the MTHFR Gold Support Group I would like to say how fabulous it is and how very happy I was to have found it on Facebook. The information available via the MTHFR portal is very in-depth and at the same time very user friendly and easy to follow with webinars, flow charts, documents and other relevant information.  I lam looking forward to continuing my membership and advancing my knowledge.

Lisa Witherow
 MSc, FDN-P. Owner of Peak Brain Performance & The DNA Advantage.

I discovered Carolyn Ledowsky in 2015...I haven't found any other educational venue that offers the in-depth discussion, practical knowledge and broad scope of health information that she offers. If you're wanting to provide the next level of care and embrace an individualized healthcare approach that helps you get to the root cause of symptoms and offer a lasting resolution, I highly recommend MTHFR Support Australia.

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