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The MTHFR Support Genomics and Methylation Institute is an accreditation program which aims to train practitioners of all modalities on how to introduce genetics into clinical practice in an easy and uncomplicated fashion.

Monthly Learning Videos

What you'll get when you join the
NEW MTHFR Support Methylation and Genomics Institute:

  • One 15-20 minute pre-recorded learning from Australia's leading expert on MTHFR, Carolyn Ledowsky
  • ​One x 1 hour LIVE Q&A each month for you to ask questions and get support you need and deserve to achieve better patient outcomes
  • One Practitioner handout/cheat sheet to help with study and review the learning for each month
  • ​Two "face to face" In-Person Practitioner Workshops with Carolyn Ledowsky to continue your education. These workshops will be recorded so if you are interstate or overseas you will be able to access it over the internet. One will be in Australia and one in US each year.
  • ​Access to our Institute Educational Portal which consists of Three Educational Series to help you understand methylation with case studies and live Facebook session recordings. These can be completed at your pace and when you complete these sessions you will receive certificates of completion and invited to our mastermind.
  • On completion of the mastermind you will be registered on our websites both here and in the US as an accredited practitioner. You will then receive a badge for your website to display. All prices quoted are $AUD.
Carolyn Ledowsky is an MTHFR presenter, researcher, and is the founder of MTHFRFertility and MTHFRSupport Australia-- the first dedicated MTHFR clinic in the world. She is a naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist who has a Bachelor of Herbal Medicine, Bachelor of Naturopathy, Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and Diploma of Nutrition, and has studied genetics at Duke University and The University of Maryland.
While reviewing hundreds of patients blood work she noticed that many of her patients had an elevated red cell folate. In trying to understand what this meant, she discovered the MTHFR gene and for the last 8 years has focused her practice on understanding genetic susceptibility and how this impacts the health of her patients. Carolyn is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge on MTHFR with as many practitioners and patients as possible. She trains doctor's and health practitioners around the world on how to effectively treat symptoms associate with MTHFR genetic mutations. 
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