Podcasts - MTHFR Gene Support


Epigenetics and Beyond

Dr. Mark Donohoe interviews Carolyn Ledowsky to discover how MTHFR SNPs first came on her radar and how it changed her entire practice. Carolyn also discusses the world of interpreting genetic results for maximum clinical benefits.

Pioneering MTHFR and Methylation in Australia

Andrew Whitfield-Cook interviews Carolyn Ledowsky

Recognising the future clinical implications of methylation dysfunction and the MTHFR gene early on, Carolyn Ledowsky started MTHFR Support Australia and hasn’t looked back.

Carolyn’s debut into the world of MTHFR commenced when she noticed that so many of her patients had high red cell folate levels in their blood work. She embarked on a mission to discover the significance of this, and this led her to the MTHFR gene. Carolyn now sees chronically ill patients who have searched sometimes for decades to find the reason behind their ill health. Most of her patients have MTHFR mutations and/or associated methylation defects.

Is the MTHFR Gene Affecting your Fertility?

Nita Ewald interviews Carolyn Ledowsky

Saskia Roell interviews Carolyn Ledowsky on the importance of folate in fertility

Saskia Roell interviews Carolyn Ledowsky

The GUT Guru

By Sarah Chopra

Naturopath, Sarah Chopra, is passionate about gut health and will be exploring topics that can either impact your gut in a positive or negative way. Sarah will talk with experts and specialists and diagnostic testing, nutrition and how our environment can impact your gut health.

Interview with Nicole Biljsma

Carolyn Ledwosky internviews Nicole Biljsma

Building Biologist Nicole Biljsma speaks to Carolyn about her fertility journey with multiple miscarriages and how your home environment is so crucial.

Ben Lynch on MTHFR

by Carolyn Ledowsky

Carolyn spends some time interviewing one of the leading authorities in the world of MTHFR, Dr Ben Lynch – the founder of mthfr.net and Seeking Health.

Dr Ben is such a generous wealth of knowledge, with a real passion to better the health of those with a positive MTHFR mutation. We feel very privileged we were able to spend some time with him asking him his thoughts on certain aspects of MTHFR and what his upcoming work is.