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What Our Patients Have to Say

After seeing countless doctors and natural health practitioners over a period of 40 years for chronic digestive issues and migraine headaches, I discovered, through word of mouth, something called the Methylation Pathway and two specific MTHFR gene variants. On the basis of many hours of my own research I decided that my DNA was the most obvious place to start in order to cure myself of this family migraine “curse”. I saw a couple of practitioners who purportedly “knew about” MTHFR, but who didn’t have the depth of knowledge and expertise required to address my issues. In fact, I knew more than they did! When finally my path led me to Carolyn Ledowsky, I felt as though I was suddenly breathing fresh air!

Brenda Rowlandson

I discovered Carolyn Ledowsky in 2015...I haven't found any other educational venue that offers the in-depth discussion, practical knowledge and broad scope of health information that she offers. If you're wanting to provide the next level of care and embrace an individualized healthcare approach that helps you get to the root cause of symptoms and offer a lasting resolution, I highly recommend MTHFR Support Australia

Lisa Witherow

Meet Carolyn

I am Carolyn Ledowsky. I am the founder of MTHFR & Fertility and MTHFR Support Australia. As an MTHFR researcher, trainer and presenter on MTHFR for doctors and health practitioners around the world, my interest is in training as many practitioners and patients as possible on how important this pathway is to good health. I also work closely with Sterling Hill who developed the Sterlings App for interpretation of your 23andme genetic profile.

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