SNP Series Announcement

Did you recently come to one of our methylation summits in Chicago or Sydney? If you did, you will know that we spoke about genetic susceptibility and how important it is to understand where your patient’s potential weaknesses are. This really is the game changer in clinical practice.

The number one question I get asked is “But which SNP’s are relevant?” That’s the 50 million dollar question, isn’t it? Why? Because this information is hard to come by and can take hundreds of hours in research.

I know you haven’t got that much time so let me do it for you!

On September 1st we will kick off our SNP Learning Series in our Practitioner Membership Group.

We will go through each of the categories of SNP’s and I will outline which SNP’s are relevant and whether those SNP’s are downregulated or upregulated and how we might be able to influence the working of these enzymes with nutraceuticals.

Remember that the environment has a big part to play in this. So irrespective of the SNP’s we can get changes in our patient’s enzymes due to environmental triggers.

Join me this September to access all the SNP information you have been waiting for.

I look forward to seeing you inside the portal.