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Welcome to MTHFR Gene Support

 MTHFR Gene Support is a site dedicated to addressing health issues associated with MTHFR genetic polymorphisms and methylation issues.

Methylation has become a hot topic of late because we are beginning to understand the impact that this cycle has on our energy, hormones, mental health, fertility, detoxification and much more. By addressing the deficiencies in your biochemistry the body is better able to function. Many of our patients have life changing experiences in a matter of months.

Our goal is to teach as many people as possible about methylation and why it matters. We want patients and practitioners alike to understand what the signs are that we should be looking for and how to address methylation issues head on. If you have identified that you, or a patient you are working with, has a methylation problem, you are in the right place.

With the launch of the genome project we are now inundated with genetic information and susceptibility studies. We now have the power to understand our genetic susceptibility and 'plug up the potholes' so to speak to improve our health like never before. Join me so I can show you where the susceptibility lies and what you might need to do to get started.

Tina M

My son and I have benefited greatly from working with Carolyn over the past couple of years. My son had had numerous doses of antibiotics for ear infections, but since seeing Carolyn he has not needed any. He therefore doesn’t miss as much school or activities, and so is a happier boy.

I have had a huge boost to my immune system, since taking the supplements that Carolyn prescribed. My amount of illnesses has greatly reduced, and overall I feel more robust. My system is now able to cope with a few stressors and not immediately get sick. Thank you Carolyn, for the help you have given us to improve our health, and quality of life. – Tina M


Truly AMAZING just about sums it up really! After finally discovering that MTHFR was the main culprit for all of my ailments (I am Compound Heterozygous), thankfully I found Carolyn and her team.. Carolyn has been on the money every step of the way with my treatment plan. I have my memory back, I have my sleep restored, I have lost weight and I have knees, for the first time ever!

After 6 miscarriages, a lifetime of short term memory loss, brain fog, unreasonable weight gain, IBS, migraines, PMS just to name a few, I had just about given up and almost resigned myself to being fat, miserable and grumpy forever – although I wouldn’t remember initially!! I felt like Dory.

Am heading for 3 months down the track and I feel better than I have my entire life. I won’t lie, it has been hard work. Chocolate and Coffee went out the window for a while. I thought my life was over! But, after a few mini meltdowns in Woolies and the discovery of RAW chocolate and Goat Milk, I am pleased to say the coffee and chocolate have returned!

I have always been proud of myself for being pretty dynamic and dedicated, I can’t wait to see just how dynamic I will be now that I am repairing my health.

My last miscarriage (my beautiful Ava Grace) was my epiphany. Ava showed me what was wrong and has been with me whilst I turn it around – for her.

Thank you Ava and thank you Carolyn xx– Kharis

Linda Pickett

[My experience with MTHFR has been] wonderful. It’s so reassuring to be dealing with people who understand my issues. Haven’t felt this well in a long time. Thank you!– Linda Pickett


I am nearly fifty years old and have spent most of my adult life looking in one place and another to try and improve my mental, emotional and physical health. I have tried many, many different complimentary therapies along the way, alongside consulting regular doctors, both in Australia and England. I can’t begin to think how much time and money has been spent……Eventually I was referred on to Carolyn Ledowski via an excellent naturopath in Melbourne.

I carried out the 23andMe genetic testing and Carolyn was on it immediately, assessing my results with her laser quick expertise and reassuring me that she could help me feel so much better. I immediately felt very optimistic that I may have finally arrived in the right place to solve the mysterious and debilitating collection of issues that had been hampering me for as long as I could remember.

The programme Carolyn set for me was realistically achievable (with a busy family household of children) and I very quickly started benefiting from the supplements that she prescribed.

As time went on Carolyn used her astonishing professional knowledge to tweak my personalised plan, to the point that I was able to operate within my life and experience at an optimum level which had hitherto been unavailable to me. I cannot recommend Carolyn’s practice highly enough: I feel enormously privileged to have come across it and to have benefitted from it to the extent that I have; to the extent where it truly has turned my life around. So very many thanks Carolyn! -Harriet

Suzanne Newman

I just need to say THANK YOU Carolyn Ledowsky for heralding the MTHFR cause and care, because I have had 10 miscarriages, a huge grief in my life and I wished that I knew of you and all this that you teach 15 year’s ago, as I found NO help through standard western medicine at the time and have suffered so much. Now, Recently duConceit her health issues ie leaky gut/autoimmune concerns, through tests, personal research and becoming a health coach myself, I have discovered ’MTHFR Support Australia’’. I am being health coached by Kristen Soperlet and she is amazing and I am gaining so many breakthroughs for the first time in my life, I just need to ask, when I am through this ’leaky gut healing process’ I would so love to learn more about helping others with this same gene concern, and add this qualification to my health coaching, what is the best way to become qualified to do this? Thanks, Suzanne Newman

Brenda Rowlandson

After seeing countless doctors and natural health practitioners over a period of 40 years for chronic digestive issues and migraine headaches, I discovered, through word of mouth, something called the Methylation Pathway … I saw a couple of practitioners who purportedly “knew about” MTHFR, but who didn’t have the depth of knowledge and expertise required to address my issues. In fact, I knew more than they did! When finally my path led me to Carolyn Ledowsky, I felt as though I was suddenly breathing fresh air.!

As well as being a very talented naturopath, she is also an excellent listener. She believes deeply in the value of taking a full family history, along with comprehensive lab tests, and careful questioning. She is warm, approachable, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable, and can be firm when she needs to be! I have ceased researching now and instead, put myself in her hands for 18 months and I have never stopped having confidence in her approach.

The MTHFR program has changed my life from one of limitation, deprivation and despair, to a gradually increasing sense of new energy, clearer thinking, less fatigue and brain fog, and – miracle of miracles – no more migraines after 57 years of suffering! The answers lay in my DNA report, and careful management of diet and supplementation have supported my body and mind back to health. Without Carolyn’s care, I would still be languishing in bed for three to four days at a time, in pain, miserable and afraid to live my life. I am singing again, and have more energy for the things I like to do. I was able to drive over 1500 kilometres last Christmas to visit my family, something I would not have even contemplated doing two years ago.

I recommend MTHFR Support Carolyn and her co-practitioners and assistants without reservation, and would be happy to speak in person to anyone who is thinking of making the journey back to health and well-being at her very professional and well-organised clinic in Neutral Bay. -Brenda Rowlandson

Nina Landsnes

I am learning so much from these sessions. You are the first practitioner that has given me an understanding of what is going on in my body (Oxalates/Histamine that I have been struggling with for years) and given me the tools to heal. I am seeing Kristen Soper and with her support and these sessions I am so positive about the future, so thank you so much for this initiative.

Gineke de Haan

A BIG THANK YOU!  I went onto your website and listened to the EXCELLENT Webinar – The Effects of Histamine.  My goodness…. it has made so many things clear to me. I am so pleased I came to MTHFR a few years ago. I am 60 now and feel so much better than I did at 30, 40 and 50!  It has totally changed my life! 1 x MTHFR mutated gene, extremely low B12, histamine issues with so many of the symptoms all my life… What a relief to finally get on top of things.  It is such a pity that this is not a more mainstream treatment for people. You are doing amazing work.

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