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How can a MTHFR gene mutation affect your health?

MTHFR gene mutations commonly underlie common health problems because the active form of folate is so important in how your biochemistry functions.

With a few simple changes and some professional advice you may be able to alleviate some symptoms laid out in this article. MTHFR is often overlooked. New research is showing how important it really is. You may be shocked to find out how many symptoms are linked to MTHFR gene mutations.

MTHFR gene mutations may lead to less methylation in your body. Less methylation means that a variety of complex biochemical changes can change over time, leading to health problems. Since everyone is unique, (for example: family history, lifestyle, diet etc..) symptoms arising from MTHFR mutations vary from person to person.

We can’t change the genes we have but we can change the way they act and this is the process of epigenetics. So let’s say you are born with an MTHFR gene mutation, but at the time that your mother was pregnant with you she was very stressed, working hard, not eating very well, then you could expect that the MTHFR gene most likely ‘expressed’ itself. This means that biochemical shifts started to happen due to less folate being produced and a higher demand for methyls (active folate) were needed by the body to cope with the stress. If you have a homozygous mutation then your enzyme really only works at 25% capacity and this makes it even harder for you to catch up.

Symptoms Linked To MTHFR Gene Mutations 

Cardiovascular Conditions

Multiple Miscarriages and trouble falling pregnant

Oestrogen Dominance

Mental Health Problems

Autoimmune Problems

General signs of MTHFR Mutations

Common Medications That Reduce Methylation

Common medications may be reducing your ability to methylate by lowering B12 or overall folate levels. If less B12 and/or folate is available to use in your body, symptoms may become worse. Medications that could be interfering with your B12 and folate levels include:

Medications to Watch out For:

Conditions of Hypomethylation (Under Methylation)

MTHFR mutations affect methylation. Sometimes you might have low methylation and sometimes you might not be able to use the methyls that you do create. (I call this underutilization). Below you can find a list of some of the conditions that the research suggests is assocated with a lack of methylation. (organized categorically)

General Physiological Malfunctions

Mental Health


Improving Your Health With An MTHFR Mutation

Improving your diet and including more leafy green vegetables is an important first step.

Doing everything you can to help stress until you can get the methylation balanced is key (yoga, Tai Chi, walking in nature, avoiding stressful events).

To get started now, you can take a look at our “How to get started with MTHFR supplements” video below, or, download our guide on how to start supplementing MTHFR products.

If you do not know if you have a MTHFR gene mutation yet, getting tested is the best way to move forward. Read more about getting tested for MTHFR gene mutations.

Most importantly I believe you should be empowered to make key decisions about your own health. So if you agree with me, please join my Patient Resource Center to meet like minded people who are already taking control and getting the information they need to make informed choices. Its also fun to have a community you can speak to and share information. Sign up here.